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If you have a legal problem and would like to hire me to advise and represent you, please get in touch via the number or e-mail address below.

I receive a surprisingly large number of e-mails and calls each month from readers – sometimes providing me with long and detailed descriptions of problems and other times with very little information at all – seeking “on the fly” (and free) legal advice.  For a host of reasons – chief among them that I invariably don’t have a sufficient understanding of the potentially important facts and documents affecting the proper advice to give – I don’t provide situation/project specific advice to non-clients.  As such, please don’t contact me with an expectation that I will review your situation and provide you with legal advice outside of a lawyer-client relationship.

Adam Zasada

Sorbara, Schumacher, McCann LLP

31 Union St E, Waterloo, ON, N2J 1B8

519-741-8010 x 248